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Saturday, 11 June 2011

A brief shoutout to all the blogs I currently follow on RSS.

Just a little something, you may find it helpful. Just so long as you keep CITA as your NUMBER ONE resource for excellent music.

Updated Daily Or More


Radio 333 SW - Only Half Evil (All sorts of metal, odd bits of nu-metal/metalcore. Steals links though)
The Final Tragedy v5 (Death metal, predominantly brutal/slam/deathcore)
Degen Erik (Punk/hardcore, great resource for obscure punk EPs and documentaries. Not English language)
lurking angst (Mainly thrash, also has some rap and other metal. DDLs!)
Hyperborean Cake (Wide variety of genres in reality, good for most things. Descriptions - a truly great blog)
thrashmania80.blogspot.com (Mainly old-school thrash, obscure stuff at that. Also posts some punk)
Just Metal By Hades (Largely recent releases. All sorts of metal. Overly graphic - takes a while to load.)
blackhandinn (Similar to Radio 333 SW in style and link-stealing, but this has, in general better music. First site was taken down, this is v2.)
Waves Explosions (Partner blog of Hyperborean Cake. Similarly fantastic.)
Sack My Hardcore Blog! (Despite the name, more metal than hardcore. No writing, and feels a little bit crowded)
Stonerobixxx (Sludge, funeral doom. Nice writings to accompany the albums)
Punkrockoi (Punk is what this offers. Not as much hardcore as other blogs here, and next to no metal)
The Last Disaster (Mainly new, popular releases. Another resource for those, I only use it when I want something new and popular.)
B-Media v.2 (Again, new and popular, although this has more variety than the above)
Cocawn Metal (Once more, new and popular releases. Good for remasters)


Blogger Musical (Beautiful Classical Music) (Recitals of popular composers. Mp3 and flac)
An die Musik (Recitals of popular composers, mp3 only)
La Clasica... (Less popular composers along with odd more popular things. Mp3)


Jazzsi (Mainly flac, some mp3. Unfortunately, links are fileserve, which I don't like)
bogard´s jazztapes (Jazz standards and famous artists)
JJ's Jazz & Such (Albums and videos. More obscure stuff)
Music on Top (Recent jazz releases. Also expands a bit into other genres)


New Album Releases (As the title says, this does pretty much everything. Good for pop)
Music Planet (General oddities and avant-garde music. Good stuff)
MP3BOO.COM (Has pretty much anything popular. Unfortunately infested with ads)
Digital Meltd0wn (Eclectic mix of genres. Well made - a very good blog)
Flying Teapot (More odd music than not. Excellent stuff, and is accompanied by thoughtful musings)

Updated less frequently


Damaging Noise (Obscure hardcore/grindcore/powerviolence. Recently restarted)
Death-Metal (Old, rare death metal demos etc)
NO BEAST SO FIERCE (Largely hardcore/grind, also does some metal and 'Left Field Sundays')
Taklamakan (Mainly black/folk metal. Great if you like that sort of thing, not so much if you don't)
Extreme Metal Underground (One of the best ranges of metal albums around. Password protected archives)
Possessed By Metal (Older stuff from all metal subgenres. Good for obscurities)
Hell Crust (Recently decided to only do submissions. It has a veritable archive however)
Death Metal Trip Archive (Excellent range of metal - more death metal. Unfortunately hasn't been updated in a while)
Red & Anarchist Black Metal [and much more!] (BM/crust, all with a left-wing political agenda. Accompanied by great bios and the odd political or scene brief)
noiZine (All albums have full reviews - this is more 'hipster' style music, but a lot of gems to be found there)
deathfans.tk (More obscure death metal releases. Along with Death-Metal, these leave anyone having enough OSDM to last a lifetime)
Heinous Noise (Hardcore punk/rap in equal doses. Very rarely updated)
savoramy (Range of metal subgenres. Discographies)
Mankind Suffering Visions (Brutal death metal to the max - I use this very rarely as I'm not too much of a BDM fan)
Depressive Black Metal (DSBM and ambient. Nothing else, but this is quickly becoming a compendium of that genre)
++Svart Kveld++ (New black metal and linked albums. Russian filehost - but no virus risk)
Annihilate Next Week (Full range of subgenres with a more personal, hands-on touch)


メルツバウ / 秋田昌美 (Everything Merzbow has ever released in HQ mp3 and flac)
╬ §ĬÇҜИ {still} ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ (A blog dedicated to the most extreme noise and power electronics in terms of aural violence)
Terror Noise Audio (Dedicated to the most lyrically depraved noise/PE/martial industrial)


Fusion Jazz And Something Else (Oddities. Nearly all flac, some mp3 @320)
Jazz Is My Life :-) (Jazz blog with a more personal touch, good writings)

I should probably make it clear that I do not download everything from all of these, and these are only the music blogs I follow.

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