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Monday, 26 November 2012

UK distros anyone?

Hello again, sorry for the lack of posts (I may start borrowing links from elsewhere and crediting - thoughts on this?). Basically, I'm coming to those of you who follow the blog to seek knowledge about UK distros. Recently I've vastly upped my CD-buying habits (14-15 per month has been standard of late), but Amazon and Ebay can fall short of my needs from time to time, and there are not many quality UK distros that I know of (PlasticHead etc can fuck off).

In case you didn't know these, here's a few I've used, or have been thinking of using:

Aesthetic Death (the guy who runs it is super-nice, I ordered a Pensees Nocturnes CD - £5 including postage! - and when I barely expected it to be sent, I got an email apologising for the delay because he'd been in hospital. Yet to receive the CD but I will update this when I do, it's only been a week)
Me Saco Un Ojo (ordered at the same time as Aesthetic Death, yet to hear a peep, but the prices are excellent in general. It's not really feasible to buy one item though, even within the UK as shipping is a little dear)
Todestrieb (never ordered from there as the prices aren't great, especially as shipping isn't included. No cheaper than going into HMV)
Feast Of Tentacles (again, never ordered, but a good and varied selection with decent prices - run by one guy too, so needs support)
At War With False Noise (see above)

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