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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Burial - Untrue [2007]

Before dubstep became a pseudonym for "avoid this at all costs," it was artists like Burial who were replicating the soul and the grit of British underground music scene. Untrue almost plays as a homage to modern-day England and with tracks like "In Mcdonalds" and "Dog Shelter," Burial hardly portrays his country in the finest edge. This is all for the better though, there's a real spirit to this album that lifts it beyond a typical dubstep outing; it actually feels like Burial, strange as it sounds, has put emotion into his music, a trait so often devoid in the genre. As a record on it's own this is superb, the beats are strong and the relaying of a range of melancholic pitch-shifted samples (spreading from Christina Aguilera to the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack) adds a hidden depth to the music. Robbed of the Mercury Prize 2007 by Elbow, this album has since gone on to become a kind of cult-classic, littered all over various "Albums of the Decade" lists. Though there has not been in album since, tracks like his recent collaboration with Massive Attack show he's not devoid of ideas. I'm sure this will be the only time this blog treks down the dubstep path, and it's probably for the better, but if you're ever to... experiment let's say and embrace dubstep, this is the album for it!



  1. This should be evidence enough that I do not limit my fellow authors on genres to post.


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