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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells [2006]

Drudkh are maligned somewhat nowadays for 'being no more than a Burzum clone' and thus 'giving rise to all this hipster black metal twaddle'. I feel it necessary here to give full disclosure: I like hipster black metal. Sue me. The point is that this is more than strictly a Burzum clone, and certainly makes more satisfying music than most of the 'hipster' hordes (although naturally there are some excellent bands within the scene). Sure, the vast, feedback-enhanced soundscapes are at times reminiscent of Hvis Lyset Tar Oss in all its glory, but Drudkh do add elements of their own - subtle hints of the folk music of their native Ukraine, and more apparent drums than those who came before them. Are the similarities to Burzum apparent? Sure. Do they constitute all of the music, insofar as to make it not reach an excellent and not wholly derivative standard? Don't be daft.

256 kbps


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