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Monday, 3 October 2011

Biolich- The Space Between Home and Today EP(2005)

Hey everyone, back to share one of my all time favorite EP's from a short lived but unbelievable band. Biolich were an American Metal band who are basically genre-less: at their most basic, Biolich played an insane mix of Demilich, Wormed and Between the Buried and Me that was loaded to bursting with technical riffs, complex time signatures and inhuman vocals that are as close to the legendary vocals of Antti Boman as you can get.

Some of the sections in these songs sound a lot like Demilich, with spacey and awkward sounding progressions that would have felt right at home on Nespithe. But this is far from a worship band: really beyond the vocals and occasional Demilich like riff, the bands really don't sound that much alike. And the band often head into complex Jazzy slams and even some clean singing sections. There is a techcore element to Biolich: a few breakdowns here and there. If you are a completely closed minded Metal fan who refuses to acknowledge the anything with any breakdowns(sucks to not listen to Suffocation I imagine), then you will probably hate this amazing EP. If you can look past 2 breakdowns scattered throughout 6 songs, then you MUST listen to this. One of the finest pieces of Extreme Metal I have ever heard.

320 kbps


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the kind words and post mortem support of Biolich. I was the Vocalist. If you are interested, I sing in the same style voice in a new Death metal band called Artificial Brain. You can download the demo for free at my blog, "Dutchblaster.blogspot.com". Cheers!


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