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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Janaza - Burning Qu'ran Ceremony demo [2010]

The black metal on offer here is fairly standard fare, albeit well-written and quite varied; the real interest here is the provenance of the music. Janaza is a one-person act - nothing particularly original in the black metal scene, infested with shit bedroom acts as it is. The interest here arises from the fact that the person behind Janaza is a woman, living in the anti-female-individuality state in Baghdad. Furthermore, her lyrical themes have severe anti-Islam themes (as evidenced by the demo's title) - something which could quite easily have one stoned to death (or some similar form of punishment) in Iraq, regardless of whatever occupation exists there. The Norwegian scene based around Euronymous' shop Helvete was dangerous, and added a lot of the original excitement to black metal - but the danger of that pales in comparison to this statement of intent. Regardless of your opinions of the music (I for one think that a Nargaroth cover is a questionable choice), this attempt has to be applauded.

N.B. No author of this blog associates themselves with any anti-Islam or anti-religious sentiment.

320 kbps


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