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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Suara Parahiangan Group - Degung Sabilulungan - Sundanese Music of West Java; Vol 2 [1995]

So first post today is a Gamelan post.For all of you who don't know Gamelan is the classical music of Indonesia which has no relation with the western classical we all hear. This genre has a very different rhythm form and musical scale among many others, instruments used are mostly percussion instruments hand drums, cymbals and countless chromatic percussion instruments (mostly stuff that resembles xylophones, marimbas, etc...), sometimes vocals are also used, like classical music many styles exist (mostly based on region not era though).I have very few information about this release in particular, only know this is a recording of a group lead by Ujang Suryana who is a famous suling player, being the suling a kind of flute/oboe thing.
This lack of information is due to Gamelan being sacred and almost propriety of the Indonesian government so all recording of true Gamelan have to be licensed and most performances are closed to the general public. Anyways this is one more weird release I show you, but this time it is truly weird trust me, this is nothing you ever heard before (unless you know the genre already).



  1. Fantastic, thank you for this! How does classical Indonesian music compare with that of India?


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