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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Septic Grave - Beyond The... demo [1994]

Septic Grave were a little-known Swedish death metal demo act - no significant 'members of' (they have links to Prophanity and The Embraced but nobody else), and they only released this demo and the Caput Mortuum EP. It's a shame, because this demo is really good. It has a semi-Sunlight Studios sounding production, but it doesn't really fit too many of the common features of Swedeath - it doesn't have the rapid pace of any of the scene forerunners, except for the rare use of blastbeats. Admittedly, that may be due to their relatively late appearance on the scene, allowing foreign influence to more thoroughly permeate their sound, but nonetheless, this is excellent material with great songwriting. If you're fearful of demo sound quality, don't be, because this is incredibly well mixed - each instrument can be clearly heard along with all the melodies (and I don't mean that in a gay Gothenburg manner but more in a strictly musical manner).

256 kbps


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