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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Free Shit(You Should Buy): Morgirion- Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise(2012)

First off, sorry for the slight break in format. I will fix it asap, but I am not at my personal computer and don't have all my fancy photo altering tools and what not...

I know that all this "you should buy this" talk seems kind of... hypocritical. I mean this is a download blog, and I have partaken of the many bounties of the internet myself for many years. What nerve that a person like me is asking, or demanding, that you pay for these albums. Where the fuck to I get off? What is my fucking problem?

Nothing. If anything, myself and people like me are the future music consumer: one with enough education and technical savvy to never pay for any intellectual property, but emotionally invested enough to want to fucking pay for it. Smaller, independent labels and bands seeking to avoid any label influence have, over the last few years, have begun to actively target consumers like me. Do you know what that means?

The internet is winning.

We have been demanding a seat at the table of the music industry for years. They owe it to us to not overcharge for poor music and to provide only the best possible product. And finally, after all this bloviating and agitating, our enemy the music industry is beginning to relent. They are conceding to the consumer for the first time in a long time, really since the major music industry began. The revolution has already begun. And I think this new future deserves a little financial compensation, especially when the asking price is so god damn fair. Remember when a new CD was 15 dollars? 20 dollars? 30 dollars? I still do. Now, you are getting albums for 10 dollars, 5 dollars, "name-your-fucking-price-fuck-us-if-you-want-please-just-listen-to-our-music-god-consumer..." These prices are not even really fair to the band.

Our entry today is the newest album from Connecticut, USA natives Morgirion, Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise. I reviewed the album over at my blog Curse of the Great White Elephant, so head over there for a more detailed description. Needless to say, I dig the hell out of this album. It's not perfect,but fans of Emperor, Gyibaaw, Judas Iscariot and The Chasm need to listen up: Morgirion throws a ton of crushing riffs and blackened serpentine song structures at you, and doesn't really care if you get hurt in the process.


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