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Friday, 6 April 2012

Free Shit(You Sould Buy): Sun Worship- Sun Worship

Being a musician is expensive as fuck.

As a former vocalist for a shitty Grindcore band, I learned first hand just how expensive it can get... even though I was just the vocalist and didn't even play an instrument. Now in this particular case, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, mostly because half the band was Native American(Indian Casinos: Making Punk Rock Possible). But despite the fact that half the band was getting a fat check of free fucking money, things still got expensive. Between the microphones, the gas, the food, the drugs, the booze, the guitar strings, the recording equipment, the drugs, the booze, the time taken off from work, the repairs, the drugs and the booze, every single underground band is losing money. Not most of them, or even 99% of them. All of them are.

Truth is, even if everyone bought all the music they possess and never downloaded anything, these bands would still lose money. By it's very nature, Extreme Music is anti-everything, including anti-money. Unless you are Cannibal Corpse or The Black Dahlia Murder, you are not making anything(and those two particular bands members would, at best, be described as "lower-middle class). But that is because the money you as a consumer spend goes right back into the band: they spend it on the music(or the substances to produce music), not on fast cars and loose women. It's art being created to fund the creation of more art... not a bad thing if you ask me.

Sun Worship hail from Germany, and play a fairly standard style of modern "Cascadian Black Metal" in the vein of Krallice, Ash Borer or Yellow Eyes. Not that this is a bad thing: Sun Worship is a highly enjoyable slice of modern Black Metal, filled with plenty of atmospheric riffs and a thick, inviting atmosphere that I am just a sucker for. It might not re-invent the wheel, but it's still quality and worth a listen. However, this two song demo is pushing the boundaries of cost in the US(5.25 plus 5.25 for shipping), but for you Eurofags there is no excuse not to throw the 4 whateverthefuckyoucallyourmonies at Sun Worship for the cassette.

Persona 101: Sharpy's recommendations are usually gold, but the cassette is sold out at the moment according to their Bandcamp. However, there are more pressings planned for June.

Sun Worship Bandcamp

1 comment:

  1. Had this downloaded for a while. Do as he says, 'cus it rocks.


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