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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Free Shit(You Should Buy): Shaidar Logoth- Chapter I: The Peddler

The future of the music industry, both mainstream and underground, will be decided in the next few years. Technology, connectivity and economic factors are leading us inevitably to an apex; hurtling through space to an unknown, alien world. The music industry as we have known it is dying: the CD is out-dated technology heading for at best a niche market(like vinyl); at worst, non-existence. Years of overcharging for low quality, mass production pop music and a relentless focus on radio singles has backfired into the faces of record companies, as the invention of the mp3 has made a large number of Top 40 pop and rock albums worthless: containing only one or two radio singles that anyone cared about, the introduction of mp3's allowed consumers to selectively download those singles without paying for whole albums. This massive loss in revenue has had an equally massive effect on the buisness practices of record labels. Namely, becoming freakishly paranoid about piracy and the internet as a whole, and doing everything in their power to destroy it. The mainstream music industry is fighting against a massive cultural and economic force, one that is more advanced and far reaching than it is.

It has almost no chance of winning. The mainstream music industry must evolve... or die.

Luckily for them, there is a blueprint for a new tomorrow already being written by several underground record labels and independent artists. One that embraces the reality of intellectual property in the 21st century while also allowing for financial gains. The premise is simple: give it away, believe in the quality of the property and let it speak for itself. It if says and does the right things, people will pay for it and support it like they do anything they care about. Since the introduction of Bandcamp, this practice has become more widespread and effective. So over the next several weeks, I will be drawing special attention to those record labels and independent artists who are embracing a better future for both musicians and consumers. Some of these will be pretty well saturated, some maybe not. But all will meet two requirements: the albums, EP's and demos will be free, and even though they are free you should still buy them.

Why? Because this concept needs your vote of confidence. And your vote just won't fucking matter if you can't pony up 5 to 10 dollars to support it. Remember, these are small, independent record labels or artists self-releasing their own material: support their DIY, grass-roots effort to change the music industry... buy the damn album.

Our first completely free album you should pay for is Chapter I: The Peddler, from Minnesota based Black Metal two-piece Shaidar Logoth. Featuring members of Iron Thrones and Wolvehammer, Shaidar Logoth play some incredibly awesome Raw Black Metal that draws from a lot of different influences: Darkthrone, Horna, Leviathan, Mayhem. All raw, all blistering and all shockingly atmospheric and intelligent. Chapter I: The Peddler blew my mind the very first time I heard it... Black Metal doesn't get any more intense or heart-wrenching. You can download the album free of charge, or pay whatever you want with the "name your price" feature. You can also purchase the CD for a mere 5 dollars. And for those who think that this new idea won't work, be sure to scroll far enough down the page where it shows that the tape of Chapter I: The Peddler is sold out.

Shaidar Logoth Bandcamp

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