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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Azarath - Blasphemer's Malediction [2011]

It has been an incredible year for Old School Death Metal. Initially, it seemed the movement was largely a reactionary one against Technical Death Metal, which at first was the biggest thing in Death Metal before the predictable backlash against it. To me, it was a bunch of pissed off, fat neckbeards (like me) who were mad they could not play "Stabwound" despite all the practice at it, gave up, and formed a bunch of Incantation and Morbid Angel worship bands. A few brilliant new acts and legends stood out, but most of the demos and bands were crap. 2011 has given legitimacy to this movement in my opinion. The sheer quality of the releases this year has changed my opinion on this classic revival for good.

One of those releases this year is Azarath's Blasphemer's Malediction. Azarath have been churning out very solid Angelcorpse worship for over a decade, but Blasphemer's Malediction is their finest work by far. This is some very high quality, old-school Blackend Death Metal, filled to bursting with evil riffs and furious double bass. This album is very fast, only occasionally dropping to mid-tempo's for some flavor. The vocals are brilliantly old-school, and the production is excellent. This is the album we were all hoping Morbid Angel would release this year (my second dig on MA today. Good day). Also, the song "Deathstorms Raid the Earth" is fucking brilliant.

320 kbps


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