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Friday, 8 July 2011

REVIEW: Noisear - Subvert The Dominant Paradigm [2011]

N.B. This is a guest post from HeySharpshooter.

I must admit, Noisear did not register on my radar before I basically obtained their new album, Subvert the Dominate Paradigm, on accident. They had a handful of releases before this 2011 release, but despite my Grindcore fanboyism, I had not really heard of them.

They are now impossible to ignore. I was completely blown away by what I was hearing. It was completely unexpected, but Subvert the Dominate Paradigm crushed my bones, cracked my skull and left me mangled and broken on my living room floor. Not since I first heard Prowler in the Yard, The Inalienable Dreamless or Scum had I been so completely destroyed by a Grindcore album. Subvert the Dominate Paradigm is the real deal.

The best way to describe Noisear would be a filthy, nasty mix of Discordance Axis, Rotten Sound and Pig Destroyer. But while drawing from these influences, Noisear also bring something new to the table by leading with their own style. The songs are extremely technical, with shifting tempos and complex chord progressions, but also reek of Punk Rock. Songs are short and sweet, with the vocals of Alex Lucero and Joe Tapia being the highlight. The opening tack, “Breaking Bad at the Mufberry” explodes right out the gate, with standouts like “Inevitable Extinction” and “The Last Spark of Resistence” throughout.

It still doesn’t make sense. Even when I say it out loud: Subvert the Dominate Paradigm is the best Grindcore album of the last 3 years. But this little known band have crafted a true masterpiece, an album that literally has done what it’s album title demands: it comes out of know where and takes a big fat shit on all of Grindcore. It truly is an amazing thing to have experienced.

Rating: 10/10(seriously)

Persona 101: I shall have to listen to this, but no download presently available.

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