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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Court In The Act Presents Death Metal: Death The Brutal Way

Stealing a title from Asphyx may be one thing, but attempting to create a compilation on a sub-genre one is not particularly fond of is another. There are some brutal death bands I love (Suffocation, Demigod, Lykathea Aflame and Ulcerate are on this), but the majority of this part is formed of stuff I have downloaded on a whim.


1. Suffocation
- Breeding The Spawn (from Pierced From Within)
2. Demigod - As I Behold I Despise (from Slumber Of Sullen Eyes)
3. Devourment - Masturbating At The Slab (from Butcher The Weak)
4. Lykathea Aflame - Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame (from Elvenefris)
5. Ulcerate - We Are Nil (from Everything Is Fire)
6. Prostitute Disfigurement - She's Not Coming Home Tonight (from Deeds Of Derangement)
7. Gorgasm - Infection Induced Erection (from Orgy Of Murder)
8. Cenotaph - Gorenographic Pervert Victimology (from Putrescent Infectious Rabidity)
9. Failed Humanity - They Rise, They Fall (from The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh)
10. Vulvectomy - Adolescent Vaginal Gourmet (from Post-Abortion Slut Fuck)

N.B. The 'Cenotaph' included here is not the one that will be included on this blog later, who are a Mexican death/doom outfit who evolved into The Chasm.


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