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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Putrevore - Morphed From Deathbreath [2008]

Sorry for the size of the album picture, but I deleted my photo program thingy, and most of the other pictures are way too small. I am sure the owner of this blog will fix it. He is good at that stuff. (Persona 101: it's done)

Speaking of good, are you tired of your skull? Does it not quite hold your brain like it used to? Well, if you need your skull removed, and in the most violent way possible, just go ahead and give Putrevore's Morphed From Deathbreath a spin. It will take care of your cranium for you, and maybe your spine too if you really let this baby rumble with some bass.

Putrevore sound like Rottrevore. Frankly, if you need anymore info than that, you are not worthy of either band. Super guttural vocals, chugging down-tuned guitars, bowl rumbling bass and punishing drums that move effortlessly between nasty grooves and furious blast beats. In other words, everything you love already.

Just listen to it, and make sure to say goodbye to that skull first.

320 kbps


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