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Thursday, 18 August 2011

ミドリ(Midori) - First(Heart) [2005]

Getting pretty tired of posting Metal, so I thought I would change things up and post something that not a lot of people are familiar with.

ミドリ(Translating to Midori) was a very strange, very intense Jazz/Crust Punk/Noise Rock/J-Pop band from Osaka Japan that released a handful of kick ass albums over a short lifespan. In truth, I have never heard anything quite like Midori before and never have since.

The piano takes the place of the electric guitar as the lead instrument in the band, and for a good portion of the songs there is no electric guitar at all. The piano and drums are completely insane: fast, furious and aggressive, they perfectly blend Punk attitude with Jazz precision and technicality. The bass work is low and heavy, and often replaces the guitar altogether in some songs.

The vocals of the diminutive Mariko Goto will make or break this album for most. Mariko shifts from toneless, off-key singing, yelping, squeaking, moaning and vicious Grindcore growls dozens of times in some songs, and while I adore Markio and her vocal talents, some will be turned off. She basically has no vocal talent, but her emotional depth and range more than make up for her vocal range. This is one pissed off, creepy sounding 90 pound Japanese girl in a school girl outfit.

And that is one of my favorite things about ミドリ: their sense of humor. They openly mock Japanese culture and its many contradictions, particularly the Japanese fascination with underage girls.

First(Heart) is a solid intro to the band, although Second(Heart) is by far the bands strongest release(I will post it tomorrow).

Fans of strange, unique music and Punk Rock should give ミドリ a chance. I am still glad that I did.

Mediafire(re-uped with all tracks)


  1. How come there are only 2 songs in the archive?

  2. Oh shit. Looks like the files got split into two folders. I will reup right away. Sorry about that.

  3. No problem, thanks for reupload =)


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